“A Holiday Gift Guide for Immigrants: Budget-Friendly Gifts Under $100”

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The holiday season is here, and it’s the perfect time to show your love and appreciation to the immigrant friends in your life. Whether they’ve recently arrived or have been here for years, thoughtful gifts can brighten their spirits during the holiday season.

We understand that budgets can be tight, so we’ve put together a creative and budget-friendly gift guide featuring unique and useful gifts, all under $100. Let’s spread some holiday cheer with these fantastic gift ideas!

  1. Home Automation – For the Gadget Geek ($30 – $60)

This holiday season, give the gift of seamless living with cutting-edge home automation devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These sleek, smart home gadgets have so many cool functions + easy peasy to use! With the power of a simple command, your gift recipients can automate things like – switching on the light or reminding of grocery lists or even play their favorite song!

2. Kitchen Appliance – For the chef at home ($50-$150)

The Instant pot and Air Fryer are both trending and versatile kitchen appliances that are favorites in immigrant homes. They make the perfect companions for immigrants new and old who want to get their cooking done in a jiffy! Imagine putting your instant pot to use while you go get a work out done or use an Air Fryer for a an almost oil free fried snack that you craved for.

3. Job Search Resources- For a friend who is Job Hunting ($99)

This is the perfect time to help out an Immigrant friend in need. This Holiday season, cheer them up by giving a gift that will ACTUALLY matter. The Immigrant Academy has The Ultimate Job search bundle which includes:

  • + 100 Job Portals to 10X your job search
  • LinkedIn Webinar to get contacted by Recruiters
  • LinkedIn profile building and Optimization webinar
  • Resume Templates
  • Cover letter prompts

4. Gift Cards for Everyday Essentials (>$10 and up)

Gift cards to your family’s most shopped online stores and department stores, or pharmacies can be a great way to help with everyday essentials as people settle into their new lives. Target, Kohls, Walmart, Amazon etc offer amazing and cute little gift cards that you can get in both physical and digital options.

5. Recipe Books – For the master chefs ($20 – $40)

Cooking is a universal language, and a cookbook featuring recipes from their home country or other international cuisines can be a fun and delicious gift. Pair it with some unique spices or ingredients to make it even more special. Here are few of our favorites – FoodFashionParty, Chutney Life, and Ministry of Curry

6. Cultural Decor and Art – For the artsy person ($20 – $80)

Gift decor pieces like paintings, sculptures, or handmade crafts from their homeland. These unique pieces can add a touch of nostalgia and create a warm atmosphere.

Here are a few of our favorites – Krishna’s Home Decor, Desi Favors, Home Goods, and the World Market.

7. Customized Gifts – for that thoughful person in your life ($40 – $60)

The freedom to design your unique print is the best gift! Allow your loved ones to be creative and create the perfect poster and frame combination for their space. When you buy a gift card, you can choose the email address to deliver it. It’s a tangible reminder of their origins, making it a heartfelt and practical gift.

Here are our favorites: Mapiful and Mixtiles

8. Travel Accessories – For the Explorer ($10 – $40)

If your loved ones travel frequently, consider gifting them practical travel accessories like a luggage tag, passport holder, packing cubes, or a durable travel backpack. These items make their journeys more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are our favorites: All Things Sundar, Chumbak, and this fantastic viral travel bag from Amazon.

9. Learning Resources- For the Curious ($50-$99)

In a world driven by knowledge and skill, this present offers the invaluable gift of self-improvement and personal growth. Whether it’s delving into a new subject, refining existing skills, or exploring areas crucial for adapting to life in the States, the possibilities are endless. Udemy and Coursera offer courses and programs that are self-paced and worth upskilling.

10. Home Country Snacks and Treats ($20 – $40)

Create a personalized care package with their favorite snacks, spices, and treats from their home country. This thoughtful gift will bring a taste of home right to their doorstep.

Here are favorites: Quicklly, Cumin Club

And that’s a wrap!

From personalized map art to job search resources, there are numerous options that will make their holiday season special.

So, spread the holiday cheer and show your love and support for your immigrant family and friends with these thoughtful gifts, all under $100.

Happy gifting!