We have pathways and support for every aspect of your journey including onboarding, finding a job, building life and soft skills, and growing your community.

The Immigrant Academy Process

We know that each Immigrant’s journey will be unique. One Immigrant’s strengths and skills may be another’s weakness or development area. 

We also know that your learning style and level of hand holding required to navigate different Immigrant life phases will be different. So we have built courses, curriculum, programs and resources that you can pick according to the next milestone you want to achieve.



Foreigner to Local Program

An onboarding program that Immigrants wished they had when they newly arrived in the USA. What usually takes +3 years, learn it all in 30 days! Learn the life skills, cultural knowledge and things you need to do as a new immigrant from experts who’ve done it all.

Make your first year in USA count with –

    • 2 live expert classes
    • 2 self paced mini courses
    • 5+ Premium guides
    • 4 office hours with faculty



For first time jobseekers


 The first and only online mentoring program in a group setting for Skilled Immigrant women in USA that makes them ready to restart their career in Corporate America.

Land your first job in USA with-

    • 1:1 Role clarity session
    • Live weekly implementation and Q&A coaching call 
    • Resume Review, Cover Letter and LinkedIn optimization
    • AI Job search and tracking tool subscription
    • Interview prep and feedback
    • Networking and Job search strategies
    • 30+ Premium Job Search Resources
    • Community of jobseekers


“If you are new to the States and waiting for your work permit (EAD) this F2L program will help women to learn everything they need to know about how things work in America. Anjali and the guest speakers taught me so many new things that I wasn’t even aware of! It really helped me groom myself and I became confident to give job interviews after a long career break. All the sessions were easily understood and very interactive.”


“I attended the F2L program as I didn’t have the work permit. I wanted to improve my communication and socialize with people which I was missing a lot as I was simply at home with a lack of confidence to even talk to the neighbors here. The sessions helped me to improve my American English and the confidence to be self-reliant, for example simply to order a meal in restaurants which I used to depend on my husband.”


“Joining F2L program helped me grow confidently and I learned the power of asking for help from someone who’s been there, done that. ‘How to land a job in the US’ and ‘How to communicate well in American English’ sessions and practice assignments were the BEST! I’ve recommended my friends to join F2L so that they can come out from their shell and learn first hand from Anjali and the guest speakers.”


For all round professional and personal development

The American Dream Toolkit

The American Dream Toolkit is the FIRST and ONLY self paced mini online course to holistically assimilate with life in USA and get them closer to their next immigrant milestone. This toolkit is created by first hand experience and extensive research which has helped Immigrants to save hundreds of hours, dollars and embarrassing moments trying to ‘figure it all out’!

    1.     Career Toolkit
    2.     Communication Toolkit
    3.     Both 1 and 2
    4.     Entire toolkit of all 6 topics



For continuous learning and skill development

Monthly Masterclass for Members

If you got questions, we got answers. Learn and upskill yourself to thrive in USA with knowledge and information you don’t always find via Google search. One Industry expert will conduct a live Masterclass every month exclusively for members only. Come, join us!

For Quick Resources

Downloads & Consultations

To help speed up and streamline some of the common processes you will go through, we’ve created a library of helpful resources. Pick a service that you need for personalized support:

    • Resume Review
    • LinkedIn Review
    • Mock Interview prep
    • Resume template, Cover letter template, LinkedIn workshop bundle
    • HIB roadmap (coming soon)
    • Internship roadmap (coming soon)
    • Volunteering roadmap (coming soon)


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