Our Vision is to create a collective ecosystem for Immigrants to thrive and succeed without having to figure it all out.

The Immigrant Academy Story

The Immigrant Academy formerly known as ‘Desi Girl in US’ was started by Anjali Nair when she found a huge gap to address the unique challenges of Immigrants, Expats and International students in America. As a new Immigrant it takes several years to learn by trial and error, and yet many feel like they are foreigners. Imagine how your Immigrant life will look like if you had the right roadmap, resources and role models who can make your Immigrant journey a little easier?

There are a few local nonprofits that help in settlement of refugees and then there are individual service providers and communities for women to support with their career, communication and like-mindedness. But there wasn’t ONE platform that inclusively catered to the Skilled Immigrant community solving the challenges one milestone at a time.

In 2020, we researched and spoke to over 200 Immigrant women to find that the top 3 issues 

“I feel lonely yet dependent”

“I lack career and cultural references”

“I miss the sense of belonging”

“If I can be the person in your life who whispers ‘You can actually do this while the rest of the world is doubting you’… then I’ll consider my job done.” – Anjali Nair

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Since 2019, we have supported over 500 Immigrant women to restart their career in USA through guided mentoring, self paced courses and workshops. Our Immigrant community grew to 17k members and our educational content reached over 2.5 Million people. We got featured in several media outlets, podcasts and collaborated with women owned businesses to share that a solution is here!





Our mission is to get 10k immigrant women ready to restart their career.


“If you’re anything like me, allow me to be your new Immigrant mentor that walks by your side in this journey of adapting to the American way of life, developing new skills, discovering yourself, and feeling independent again.”



Anjali is the founder of The Immigrant Academy. She’s a South Asian Immigrant who moved to the States after getting married. What started as a mere blog ‘Desi Girl in US’ – to document life experiences in America as a new immigrant; went on to become the most recommended learning platform for Immigrants from all over the world. 

If you google, you’ll easily find a lot of sob stories and negativity about the dependent visa wife aka relocating spouse or immigrants life in the US. When Anjali did not find the right guidance and resources for herself she promised that one day she’ll make this Immigrant journey less painful for millions of Immigrants. That’s how The Immigrant Academy came to existence. Here you’ll find mentors, workshops, courses, career assistance programs and relatable stories from a supportive community that will help you achieve that American dream.

As a professional, Anjali is a Marketing Strategist, Influencer, Writer and Community builder. When she’s not hyping up her Immigrant community land jobs, you will find her catching up with friends and shows on Netflix, living the Florida life with the husband, snuggling with her pup and making chai (not chai tea) to feel closer to home. 


Did you know ~1 Million legal Immigrants arrive in the USA a year?

Did you know its takes 8 to 18 months for Skilled Immigrants to land their first full time job with zero guidance?

Did you know over 65% unemployed yet Skilled Immigrants expressed they are not confident speaking to to the locals?

Did you know over 80% Immigrant women agreed that they feel lonely, depressed and dependent in the first 2 years of moving to the US?

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