The mentor-mentee bond at the Immigrant Academy is extra special because as a mentor you were once in your Mentee’s shoes and know exactly what they’re going through.

5 Reasons why you should join our Mentor Pool


Build your leadership and management skills

As an experienced professional who’s looking to build experience in mentoring and people management, this is a great opportunity to fast-track your professional development. We give you the opportunity to provide mentorship  and learn through direct feedback. Iterate and hone your time management and leadership style with the mentees that you lead. Bring that experience back to your company and see it translate into more responsibility.


Get access to vetted, skilled talent for your company and earn referral bonus

Mentors can totally refer our pool of Skilled Immigrant talent into their company or team. If the Mentees get hired, you also earn a referral bonus from your company. It’s a win-win!


Utilize your free time into a meaningful side hustle

Impacting someone’s career who looks up to you is an irreplaceable feeling! As an experienced professional who has a few hours every month to spare, these 1:1 mentoring sessions would mean the world to your mentees! We also compensate mentors for their time, including stipends for 1:1 coaching.


Build your network with other mentors from different industries

You’ll be surrounded by peers from top companies across the USA, so you can effortlessly expand your professional network.


Add your Mentor experience to your LinkedIn

And also get LinkedIn recommendations from the founder and Mentees for your contributions


What is the time commitment?

2 to 8 hours a month. You can set your time availability through the month and the mentee matched with you will have an opportunity to book time with you. Most of our mentors preferably take weekday evenings or weekends.

When you say stipend, what does that include?

Mentors will be given a fixed stipend for each session they take. The compensation starts only after you successfully mentor 6 skilled immigrants. Full details provided in the application and interview process. 

How many years experience do I need?

Minimum of 3 consecutive years working in USA. Previous leadership/management/mentoring experience is nice to have!

Are you only open to female or Immigrant mentors?

As long as you qualify the experience part; your gender, nationality or citizenship status doesn’t matter. We are inclusive and proud to bring together a diverse pool of mentors.

What is the process of being selected as a Mentor?

After you submit the application form, it will be reviewed by our team. Next step would be a video interaction, followed by a welcome letter to join as a Mentor. 

But before you apply…

Mentoring is not for everyone. The best mentors value building relationships, deeply enjoy sharing their knowledge, have a desire to invest time and energy into other people, while developing themselves professionally. If you’re looking to become a mentor solely from a side income perspective, this platform may not be the right fit for you.

If this sounds good to you, we’d love to hear from you! 

If not, shoot us a message for other collaboration opportunities.

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