Masterclass membership

 We offer monthly masterclasses for TIA members run by our vetted team of experts, addressing important topics for immigrants to better their lives in USA.


Do you want questions answered by Immigration attorneys?

Do you want to learn about financial investments and savings from an expert?

Do you have questions about networking and American etiquette?

Do you have questions as a first-time home buyer?

Do you want to insights on how to get promoted?

So many questions and information overload

As an Immigrant you may have hundreds of questions on various topics.

With information overload – a Google search or Facebook group recommendations only make it more difficult to trust the source.

At The Immigrant Academy we want you to learn and connect with trusted experts who would not only give you the right information but also explain it to you in a very simple way.

Why should you attend our masterclass?

Connect and learn from +20 professional industry experts

Attend a live masterclass to ask questions and get answers immediately

Get informed and educated on a new topic every month that helps in your Immigrant journey

Get discounted rates if you wish to work with our vetted and trusted experts

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