“10 Must-Have Subscriptions for Immigrants Living in the USA”

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Moving to the United States is a thrilling adventure, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Subscriptions to various services can be your best bet as you settle into your new life. From entertainment to essentials, here’s a list of must-have subscriptions that can make your immigrant experience smoother and more enjoyable.

And yes, these are all tried and tested.

  1. Netflix: Your Gateway to World Cinema

Do you want to include your favorite shows and movies from your home country? Netflix offers diverse content, including international films and TV shows. Stay connected to your cultural roots while discovering new global hits.

2. Amazon Prime: More Than Just Online Shopping

Amazon Prime isn’t just about fast shipping. It’s your one-stop shop for household essentials, groceries, and even products from your homeland. Plus, you get access to Prime Video for entertainment and exclusive discounts.

3. Costco Membership: Buy in Bulk, Save Big

As an immigrant, you might be amazed by the concept of buying in bulk, which is precisely what Costco offers. Save money by purchasing everyday items in large quantities, and don’t forget to explore their international product selection.

4. Duolingo Plus: Improve Your Language Skills

Learning English or another language can be a vital part of your immigrant journey. Duolingo Plus provides ad-free, structured language lessons and offline access. Enhance your language skills and adapt to your new environment.

5. Spotify Premium: To turn up the music

Music transcends borders, and Spotify Premium lets you enjoy an ad-free, offline music experience. Listen to songs from your home country and discover new tunes in your adopted land. You can also listen to audiobooks and podcasts here.

6. Rebtel International Calling App: Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Rebtel is an app that helps in making international calls without the Internet. Yes, you heard it right. This app works without the internet, and you can make regular calls with it. Apps like these come in handy in times of crisis.

7. Planet Fitness Subscriptions: Prioritize Your Health

Staying healthy is an integral part of the immigrant experience. Many communities offer gym memberships or fitness classes. A subscription can help you stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle while adapting to your new environment. For example, gym chains like Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, and Crunch Fitness have locations nationwide. group workout classes like Orange Theory and CrossFit have Class passes that will allow you to try the gym, yoga, Zumba, dance, etc

8. The Immigrant Academy Masterclass Membership

As an immigrant living in the US, this membership is a must to learn life skills and stay abreast with the latest on topics like immigration, insurance, visas, taxes, health, finances, real estate, and more! A yearly membership gives you access to 12 different Masterclasses, access to vetted professionals, community, free resources, and consultations too.

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9. AAA Membership

AAA (American Automobile Association) membership offers a range of benefits to its members. With AAA, you gain access to roadside assistance services, which can help you in case of car troubles, flat tires, or lockouts. Additionally, AAA members can enjoy exclusive discounts on travel, shopping, and various services.

10. Instacart Membership

Instacart is an online delivery service that lets you shop at nearby grocery stores, wine shops, bulk warehouses, convenience and pet stores, and other retailers. Sign up for a free account or a paid membership (Instacart+) with your email address to shop for stores in your area. The app also has a membership program that offers unlimited free grocery delivery on orders of $35 or more, lower service fees, and other exclusive benefits.

These subscriptions may require some investment, but the convenience, time savings, and benefits they offer are invaluable! From cultural connections to language to life skills to fitness and more, these services will help you thrive in the USA and make your immigrant journey even more fulfilling.

What is your favorite so far?