7 Apps to download for millennial women

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If you’re looking for one app in each of the following categories, let me help me help you save time! I have got you covered for listening to music, quick home workout, money management, taking important notes, tracking your period, scanning documents and changing phone wallpapers

Here are my top 7 Apps that’s always on my phone –

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I won’t lie if it weren’t for my husband, I would still be looking for ways to download music on my phone or ask for a Bluetooth share. I’ve never looked back since Spotify. They have a million songs for every mood and occasion you may be in. You may have to listen to a couple of ads and then it’s ad free for thirty minutes. Or you could subscribe to premium and go ad-free. I’m obsessed with Beyonce and Bollywood music for that high energy during a shower and Focus music during work. Did I mention, I found so many good podcasts to listen to for free through Spotify?

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Daily Ab workout

If there’s one spot where I tend to put on fat , has to be my belly. And girl, fast food is fatty, cheesy and irresistible to say No to Peperroni pizza, pulled pork sandwich, and chocolate oreo cupcakes of the world. Obviously, the mirror will throw reality check in your face and then you’ll start hating your body and miss simple home cooked food. Before you get into that guilt cycle – try putting away 10 minutes of your day for a simple Ab workout. Download this app – Daily Ab workout that shows simple yet effective ab workouts to practice on a daily basis. 10 minutes is more than enough! There’s no excuse for not having 10 minutes is there?

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Ever wondered where did the entire paycheck vanish? Living the adult life as a Millenials does not come cheap. And once you start earning, you gain so much more confidence and financial freedom that at times, you might go overboard with your spending. While it’s okay to splurge and reward yourself, it’s important to know how much of your expenses are fixed and variable. I struggled to keep that minimum balance only because I was blindly swiping away and paying all the bills. Fudget is a free income-expense tracking app that has made me realize and keep track of my spending habits. Atleast now you’d have an answer if your Dad asks about expense record keeping 🙂

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I have to admit. I’m obsessed with creating checklists and setting reminders for myself. I make lists for groceries to buy, documents to collect, books to ready, lipsticks I’d like to try and the list goes on. EverNote comes in handy to create several such lists. The joy of checking off an item off your to-dos is thisssss much. Also, I don’t know about you, but I get the best ideas when I’m in bed right before I go to sleep. I quickly open EverNote and type it out in Ideas folder. Genius, right?


If you’re as forgetful as me and constantly check with your friend, mom or sister to remind yourself of your cycle, girl I feel you! I’m so lousy at remembering the cycle dates that I’ve had embarrassing moments to ask co-workers to lend me tampons and painkillers. Ugh!! I do keep extras handy but then I’m also not great at re-filling my supplies. For the last four years, I’ve completely relied on Flo to remind me about my period and ovulation dates (if you’re TTC). All you have to do is enter the date of your last cycle and the app will predict your next cycle. Give it a good 3 months for trial and error and after that, you’re set!

Cam Scanner

Not all of us own a printer/scanner machine at home nor do we have printer shops at every nook and corner. How many times have you had to tell your husband to scan documents for you from his office? I see you. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple. I found this app Cam Scanner that I’ve been frequently. You can now successfully scan documents through your phone camera + Cam scanner app and email it to whoever needs it. Try it out, it’s seriously stupid simple.


How many times have you screenshot ‘quotes’ or your fav sitcom posters from Pinterest? My photo gallery would be filled with screenshot but when I try to add it as my phone wallpaper it would always turn out blurry or get cropped out. I love changing my phone wallpaper from time to time. I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes and Desi girl art. For the longest time, I was obsessed with having sunflowers as my wallpaper then I really liked this illustration of Goddess Durga which I used for Whatsapp wallpaper. If you love switching out wallpapers every now and then, check out Walli to find some really cool stuff.

What are some of your favorite apps that make your life easy?