The Ultimate cheatsheet to speak American English for new immigrants

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When you were new to the USA, did you have a hard time figuring out the different accents, phrases, and meanings when the American locals spoke to you? I asked this question on my Instagram page and friends at Homeis out of curiosity. Because I sure can’t be the only one! Most South Asians who moved to the US have studied in English medium schools, have double degrees, and have no problem conversing in English with other South Asians. As a new immigrant would you like to know about the easy way to speak American English?

American English feels different

I received some great responses in comments from South Asians who moved to the US, International students, expats, tourists, and even immigrants who’ve lived in the US for many years!

American vocabulary and lingo is different from the rest of the world. In South Asian countries, people have learned English that is British influenced, we have a peculiar accent and we use words and phrases a bit differently compared to local Americans. So, there is bound to be some chaos and confusion.

American English vs rest of the world

American English vs British English will always be the battle

Over the last few months, I’ve neatly complied and curated a cheatsheet that converts your English to American spoken English. You will need this cheatsheet if the following resonates with you-

Even now after living in this country over 50yrs. My grand kids keep correcting me- “grandpa! You don’t say like that” – An immigrant’s words

Rubbish is garbage . Bun is roll, pavement transforms into side walk and horse riding becomes horse back riding, biscuits turn into cookies and what not. – Desi Brit’s words

Sometimes even I feel that I don’t know English, when talking to native Americans – New immigrant

Most relevant feedback received on Instagram

I’m very happy and excited to share this Ultimate cheat sheet with you to speak American English!

The Ultimate Cheatsheet to speak American English

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