5 ways Immigrants can land a job in the US

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I don’t know about you but I was going crazy sitting at home without a job, living off my husband’s paycheck. When you’re new to the US, you may or may not get a work permit immediately. But at some point in the future, when you get that work permit, I want you to be fully prepared and ready to join the workforce. One of the biggest pain points for new immigrants is – How do I find a job in US?

I read, researched and spoke to a lot of South Asian Americans before I could decide my options of being employable worthy in the US. It’s also really helpful to consult an attorney or Immigration specialist to get the right advise.

(Be sure to consult an immigration attorney who can answer your specific questions.)

There are several ways by which you can end up getting a job in the US. Here’s a list of top 5 ways you can start working in the US:

Find a job in the US with MASTER’S/MBA at a reputed University

  • Get a good GRE or GMAT score
  • Apply to a mix of universities based on the ranking, eligibility, scholarship options, and location.
  • If you get selected or have the chance to choose your university, opt for the one that gives you a scholarship. Or even better would be the one that has a track record of international students getting job offers.
  • Study hard, (party harder) and experience grad student life in the US.
  • Networking with alumni and professors is super important!
  • Work at the University part-time and apply for summer/winter internships.
  • Get that damn Masters’s degree/MBA.
  • Keep applying for jobs all over the US. Use your connections to get referrals, reach out to the alumni and employers who can sponsor you.
  • Practice your communication/interviewing skills and ace it.
  • Land a job and kill it!

Land a job in the US when your employer sends you to the States (contracted)

If you’re an IT professional or a Consultant you know what I’m talking about. Employers in South Asian countries have several projects based in the US that require working at the client location. Most Desi IT professionals move to the US to work for the client and are sponsored by their employers. This work situation works best if you’re single and want to taste the American work life. The disadvantage is – you are at the mercy of your employer. The advantage is – if the client in the US loves your work, they may offer to retain you by sponsoring your visa. I’ve met many Desis in the US who came through a temporary work visa as a contractor and eventually get sponsored by the US firm.

Find a job in US with Online certification courses

Now, this is a no-brainer.

If you plan to get a job in a country where you haven’t studied or worked before – it’s probably a good idea to catch up on some coursework. There are plenty of budget-friendly, reputed online courses that will update your knowledge. This goes for all you ladies – with or without a work permit. If you want to increase your chances of landing a job in the US if you want to sound up to date and be in line with the newest trends and technology. If you want to be confident to re-join the workforce after a hiatus – sign up for online courses within your industry and get certified. I train women to get back to the workforce and restart their career with the ‘Ready-Set-Role’ program. Sign up here to get on the waitlist.

Land a job in the US starting entry-level at a small local company

If you already have a visa that allows you to start working in the US, the easiest way to get a head start is to start entry-level. I know, I know you probably have a few years of work experience and the thought of starting your career all over again breaks your heart. Let me tell you something – Your situation is 500% better than the Desis who don’t have a work permit :/

Let’s assume you haven’t studied or worked in the US. So, when you apply for jobs at bigger companies, they might not be comfortable trusting you with the job responsibility that a local resident might probably do better. There’s a very very very low chance that a big company would want to invest in you when they have 100 other options of candidates who’ve studied and worked in the US.

how to get a job in the US

Land a job in the US by starting your own business

Business??? Hahaha.

Anj, you’re funny.

Not. At. All. Girl.

In fact, you’ll be surprised how non-citizens in the US can get special visas if you have the resources to start a business in the US. The most popular one would be the E-2 visa. Some other kinds of visa are F-1 OPT (Optional Practical Training) Visa, H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa, O-1A Extraordinary Ability and Achievement Visa
I know, most of us have not been raised to have a business mindset and have always relied on traditional jobs to make a career. But what if you’re exceptionally gifted with skills that bring you the MONEY?

You might be a trained classical dancer who could open a dance school to take classes for young kids OR You may be great at baking and want to start a cookie shop. Think about it 🙂